Terms of use

These Terms of use are dated 25/08/2021 and may be subject to change over time.


The use of one of Tanger Med Group Websites implies full and complete acceptance of these general conditions of access and use the internet user. The term “Use” refers equally to any consultation, search or download of an element of the Website. The terms Tanger Med group, TMSA, Publisher, Tanger Med Port Authority, TMPA, Tanger Med 2, Tanger Med Zones, TMZ, Tanger Med Engineering, TME, Tanger Med Utilities, TMU, Cires Technologies, Tanger Med Port Community System, TMPCS, Fondation Tanger Med or “We” are used to designate the holding Tanger Med, its subsidiaries and business platform.

Tanger Med group reserves the right to modify and update the Website and the Terms of Use at any time. Each modification of the Terms of Use will be the subject of a dated and referenced version.  Any modification takes effect immediately upon publication on the website.

Limitations of Liability
The information on the Websites is provided in good faith, for information purposes only, and without warranty of any kind. Errors and omissions may occur. They cannot, therefore, engage the responsibility of Tanger Med group. They can be modified or updated by Tanger Med group without notice.

The User uses the Website under his sole and entire responsibility. The user is deemed to have accepted the legal notices of the Website, as well as these Terms of Use by simply consulting the Website. Under no circumstances can Tanger Med group and its subcontractors guarantee the exhaustive, imprecise, or inaccurate nature of this Information or even an omission relating to the Information, nor be held liable for direct and / or indirect damage, whatever ” be the causes, origins, natures or consequences, whether they are among other fortuitous, special resulting from the content or the Use of the Website and / or one of the links and addresses linked to it.

The User fully assumes the risks linked to the importance and the credit that he gives to the Information. These are provided to him on the condition that the User or any other person who receives the Information can determine his interest for a specific purpose before using it. Under no circumstances will Tanger Med group be liable for any damage likely to result from the importance given to this Information, from its Use, for private or professional purposes.

This Information should not be taken as recommendations for the Use of any information or procedures, that would contradict any patent, copyright, or trademark. Tanger Med group disclaims all liability, express or implied, if the Use of this Information violated a patent, copyright, or registered trademark.

No warranty, express or implied, is given as to the commercial nature of the Information provided, or as to their suitability for a specific purpose, as well as regarding the services referred to in this Information. In any case, Tanger Med group does not undertake to update or correct the Information that will be published on the Website.

Regarding the simulations which may, or which could, be carried out on the Website, Tanger Med group reminds Users that they have no legal value. These simulations are carried out from the information that Users have entered in the modules concerned and are provided for information only.

Tanger Med group does not guarantee that the Website operates without interruption and that the servers which provide access to it and / or the third-party websites for which hypertext links appear do not contain viruses. In addition, Tanger Med group can in no way be held responsible for loss of data or deterioration of User data.

Intellectual property
It is not permitted to reproduce content found on Tanger Med group’s Websites by printing it out, downloading and/or distributing it among third parties. Tanger Med group is the holder of all the domain names relating to “Tanger Med” and the Websites as well as the elements which compose it constitute intellectual works protected by the laws in force, as regards intellectual property. All data, in particular, texts, templates, skeletons software, animations, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, graphic representations, logos, sounds, images, information and databases where applicable, appearing on the pages of the websites are the exclusive property of Tanger Med group or third parties holders and are protected by copyright, trademark law, portrait rights and/or all other applicable intellectual property rights,etc.

Any reproduction, representation, or distribution, in whole or in part, of the content, as well as any extraction, even partial, of the databases of the website on any medium or by any process whatsoever is prohibited.

Using the logos of Tanger Med group
Tanger Med group uses multiple logos to refer to the project Tanger Med, the holding Tanger Med Special Agency, and its subsidiaries Tanger Med Port Authority, Tanger Med Zones, Tanger Med Engineering, Tanger Med Utilities, Cires Technologies, Tanger Med Foundation and the business platform Tanger Med Port Community System. The use of these logos is only allowed after receiving the explicit written permission of Tanger Med group.

To request permission to use one or multiple logos listed above, please refer to the contact below

No personal information is collected without your knowledge. In a logic of respect for data privacy life and regulations to which the Personal Data are subject, Tanger Med Group undertakes to ensure that the collection and processing of personal information is carried out in accordance with Applicable Data protection Law No. 09-08 of February 18, 2009.

In this regards, Tanger Med group informs the user of the purposes for which it will Process their Personal Data. Non-exhaustive examples of Personal Data Processing which could be made by Tanger Med group are briefly described below.

Tanger Med group may Process the following categories of Personal Data which may vary depending on the Data Subject’s profile.
Visitors: In the context of controlling access to Tanger Med group’s premises, Tanger Med group may process personal contact information (such as name, email address, telephone, function, company name…).

Clients and prospective clients: For managing Tanger Med group’s contractual relationship with its clients and prospective clients and informing them about its services, Tanger Med group processes their Personal contact information (such as name, email address, telephone number, title, address). In case of Tanger Med group Port Community System, financial information are processed too (payment information, information related to the invoices payment process and follow up…).

Suppliers and sub-contractors: For managing Tanger Med group’s contractual relationship with its Suppliers and sub-contractors, Tanger Med group processes their personal contact information provided by the procurement platform or in the suppliers’ window in general (such as name, email address, telephone number, title, address…).

Employees: For handling it recruitment and human resources, Tanger Med group processes candidates and employees personal contact information applying for jobs (such as name, email address, telephone number, title, resume…), employees’ administrative data (such as information related to its career, evaluation, training, data related to the employees’ work organization (such as information on employees’ agendas, business travel arrangements…),
The submission of an application for a visit, job, purchasing/investment offer, or any other form of application leads to processing data.

Tanger Med group’s marketing and communication strategy consists in involving clients and the public in the latest news and updates through different communication channels.

The Websites of Tanger Med group provide all information about the group and its subsidiaries.

Tanger Med group organizes business events in Morocco and abroad, as well as digital events.

In addition, it runs email campaigns, sends newsletters and press releases. Tanger Med group also sponsors many events and organizations, to which it invites its relations.

The use of personal data is often necessary to ensure that all these activities run smoothly. It is ensured under the Applicable Data Protection Law(s) No. 09-08 of February 18, 2009, and under your permission (subscription to the newsletter, use of digital services, etc). The user preserves the right to withdraw its consent or unsubscribe at any time.

Access, rectification, deletion and objection
In accordance with the Applicable Data Protection law No 09-08, the Data Subjects have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data held by Tanger Med group where those requests are reasonable and permitted by. Tanger Med group agrees to rectify, amend, or delete the Data Subject’s Personal Data upon request where it is inaccurate or where it is being used contrary to this Policy.

To exercise their rights, Data Subjects may contact Tanger Med group through the contact below or by postal address to: Tanger Med group Siège Social de TMSA, Route de Rabat, BP 1144.

Security and Confidentiality
Tanger Med group takes reasonable precautions to secure Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or access. These precautions include technical, physical, and organizational security measures, such as measures to prevent unauthorized access. The applicable measures are kept confidential but are dully documented in IT and risk management policies adopted by Tanger Med group.

Transfer of Personal Data
No personal information is transferred to third parties.

External hypertext links
Tanger Med group formally declines any responsibility for the content of all the Websites to which it provides external links. These external links are offered to users of the Website, or the Websites of its subsidiaries as an additional service. The decision to activate these external links belongs exclusively to the Website’s users.

Tanger Med group is not the publisher of these Websites, it cannot fully control their content. Consequently, Tanger Med group can in no way be held responsible for the content of the Websites thus accessible and in particular for their veracity, topicality, quality, completeness, relevance, illegality, advertising, information, services or any other material available on or at from these external websites or sources.

Tanger Med group declines all responsibility. Moreover, Users of the Website may in no case set up a hypertext link or a framing (example of programming in HTML code) towards the Website without the prior written authorization of Tanger Med group and consequently, no element appearing on a page of the Website may be partially or totally distributed, transferred, or inserted on another Website, nor be used to create derivative services, without the prior and express authorization of Tanger Med group. To this end, Users can send their request to the contact below.

The information, presentations, documents, analyzes, information, data, etc., made available on the Website may contain forecasts concerning the financial situation, the results of operations, activities, and commercial strategies of Tanger Med group. More specifically, the use of expressions such as “anticipate”, “estimate”, “expect”, “plan”, “foresee”, “plan”, “believe”, “expect” , and all other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with future information or projection relating in particular to financial, or commercial performance as well as statements concerning plans, strategies and management objectives for future operations, including the execution of integration and restructuring plans, trends, services, developments, expected performance of services or rankings, statements regarding future economic conditions or market, statements of intent, and any other information or statements of estimates underlying the foregoing are of a forward-looking nature.

Tanger Med group believes that these forecasts or objectives are based on reasonable assumptions which may prove to be inaccurate, and which are in any event subject to risk factors and uncertainties. There is no certainty that the planned events will take place or that the expected results will be achieved.

None of such statements or information can be guaranteed by Tanger Med group. Also, Tanger Med group assumes no obligation to correct or update forward-looking statements, forecasts due to new information or any other future event.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
Tanger Med group’s Websites, the legal notices, as well as these Terms of Use are all subject to Moroccan law. In the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of the Websites, the legal notices, and the Conditions of Use, the Moroccan courts have sole jurisdiction, unless otherwise required by law.

For any of the requests mentioned above please contact us on: